20 years after her death: Princess Diana's legend lives on

Twenty years later, the song remains the best-selling single in British history - and, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the second best-selling single of all time, with 33 million copies sold worldwide.

The road northbound had been closed to allow the funeral cortege of Diana, Princess of Wales, to pass through on the way to her final resting place at Althorp Park in Northampton. "I didn't want her worried or her legacy to be that William and/or Harry were completely and utterly devastated by it and that all the hard work and all the love and all the energy that she put into us when we were younger would go to waste".

The fact that Kate Middleton and prince William want to be involved with the queen has nothing trivial. Last year, the press had notably accused of having run less than 200 commitments each, accusing him of laziness. "I know that over time it is possible to learn to live with what has happened and, with the passing of years, to retain or rediscover cherished memories". A life-size cardboard cutout of the princess greets visitors, the walls are covered in countless pictures and paintings of Diana.

"What my mother recognized them -and what I understand now- is that lowing a close family member is one of the hardest experiences that anyone can ever endure". She had an aristocratic upbringing, becoming Lady Diana after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975. The concert was organised by Sally Bates, whose daughter Carolyn had been a former flatmate of Diana's in London.

'It was ordinary in terms of our involvement as firefighters, ' he said.

She was also a patron of the Peterborough based charity The Leprosy Mission. How you deal with that I don't know but, you know, he was there for us. As a child, she was shy but developed a love of music and dance, according to Biography.com. "Diana is connecting people from beyond the grave - in our fan club, many friendships bloomed over the years".

Xavier Gourmelon, a dad of two, has said he was convinced Diana would survive when he found her unconscious in her car in a tunnel in Paris.

But the Royal butler, when revealing the news, told us "the public opinion has moved on" and that "she's so lovely and honest". Dodi instantly died and the people's princess died at the hospital.

"At the end of the day it comes down to the public opinion, and the Prince is hoping it comes towards to her". From the rise of Tony Blair to the Hong Kong handover to the first Harry Potter book being published, a lot changed in Britain in 1997.

Prince William said: I wouldn't let it break me, I wanted it to make me.

"Here though, her head is straight and so is her very direct eye contact which - with the dipped chin - changes the vulnerability to a look of determination and strength".