Here's how much the 'Game of Thrones' cast makes per episode

They were left distressed after knowing who sits on the rusted iron throne and wants only 10 Mn $ of money as compensation.

The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale will air Sunday, Aug. 27.

Fans have been vying for Jon and Dany to get romantic since their highly-anticipated meeting in episode three.

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Tensions have been building and sparks have been flying between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), two contenders in the fight for Westeros who recently joined forces to take down the Army of the Dead beyond the Wall.

It seems all but inevitable that something will happen between these two, and Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor agrees. Readers of the book have known that things were heading towards this destination for a while. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress pointed out how fitting it is that the dragon now aligned with the enemy is the one named for her scheming brother Viserys. So we knew it's got to come at some point, and I was glad that I got to be there for a major step forward for them. The fact that they are starting to fall for each other is huge. HBO "Game of Thrones" is the biggest show on television by a lot of measures, and certainly the biggest hit in HBO's history, so it's no surprise that its actors - the ones who have managed to survive into the seventh season - are making bank.

In addition, the hacker group also claimed to Mashable that they have sold their entire collection of HBO's internal data on the dark web and have made half of what they requested in ransom.