"Justice League" Posts Worst Showing of All Five Warner Bros/DC Comics Movies

Brazil was the top individual market after China with $14.2 million on 1,580 screens and set a record for top opening weekend in that territory.

Justice League has been struggling for a while now. What happened to Willem Dafoe's scenes as Vulko in Justice League?

Well, the numbers are now in and we imagine the folks at Warner Bros. are probably sweating pretty hard.

We need a bunch of heroes then to save the earth - So we have Batman (Affleck), Wonder woman (Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fiesher) along with The Flash (Ezra Miller) who can move at lightning speed and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) who come together to put up a brave but dreary effort.

In short, no. But, it's not as terrible as "Suicide Squad" either.

We’re surprised too
We’re surprised too

After years of waiting, Justice League is finally here! Justice League's reshoots, on the other hand, ended up comprising about 20 percent of the movie.

The costly superhero tentpole is ahead of the international opening weekends for Warner's "Wonder Woman" and Disney-Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok". This is what holds the film's antagonist Steppenwolf back from being as menacing as he could be. Arthur has not had a good reputation compared to his teammates. This is likely going to shake Warner Brothers to the core if it doesn't manage to cross the $100 million opening weekend milestone which would still be a disappointment. He leaves us with the most questions about his past, but only due to Aquaman's solo film being released next year. You can tell too, as bits of those old Batman tunes are seamlessly integrated into the score each time Batman starts kicking ass. An early cut of the film was rumored to be "unwatchable". Was replacing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern with Cyborg-following DC's New 52 portrayal of the team as a founder of the league-worth it?

"Justice League" is far from a perfect movie.

The studio's attention on Wan is also unsurprising. Instead, "Justice League" is launching with only the eighth largest opening of 2017. Friday, although the Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg comedy has the advantage to take fourth place. In terms of the space in which these fictional characters live and our real world, things have changed. There were reports not too long ago that WB was already bracing themselves for this eventuality by refocusing their DC Films output on solo features, but still occupying a shared universe, with their oft-mentioned emphasis on directorial vision.

So, yes, it seems like the DCEU's bad guys will be forming their own worse-together unit sometime in the future. It's not overly dark or serious. The interactions between them are entertaining and often humorous. The cast does a decent job doing justice to the comic books from which the characters originated.