MMA: Holloway, McGregor go tweet for tweet

Holloway was originally expected to fight Frankie Edgar before an injury forced the former UFC lightweight champion to pull out of the fight.

The interface also makes submission escapes difficult, allowing fighters with good top games to dominate simply because becoming serviceably decent at the game's striking portion is easier than coming to grips with grappling. I don't know if the two of them are in the UFC anymore, ' Holloway told MMA Fighting. Ground combat, meanwhile, is similar to EA UFC 2's: a confusing abstraction that's tough to wrap your head (and arms and legs) around-even if you've actually studied jiu-jitsu or wrestling like I have. Does he turn a sanctioned Bellator fight in Dublin into an unsanctioned, full blown triple threat match with €560 million in the bank? Instead, it's disconnected, making it hard to intuit exactly what's going on or how much danger you're in. How many speeding fines will €420 million bring him? I gave him his straight rematch.

Saturday night saw the broadcast of UFC 218, with the main event being the fight between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and challenger Jose Aldo. He said, 'Maybe I got to do it outside and just suck it up, ' " Holloway said.

His 12-fight winning streak has only been topped by St-Pierre, Johnson, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva - all legends of the sport.

With 140 million in the bank, there is no need for McGregor to fight again.

Holloway turned 26 Monday, but remains loyal to the company. I want the new flavor. It's cumbersome and inelegant, rarely feeling like anything even resembling the real thing. That's the kind of person he is. I'm sitting pretty. I'm hungry and if they want the fight that's the fight the UFC makes.