Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed

I'm guilty as well.

When we launched the media app, the first thing that popped up on the Range Rover's infotainment system was a menu filled with album and audiobook covers, giving me an at-a-glance view of the different things I could listen to. It focuses largely on AI and adds support for the display notch, which is a trend being embraced by the Android manufacturers. Google has upgraded the user interface on the Android P a lot, it does look kind of familiar but doesn't feel like it.

Google knows just how annoying notifications can be and is introducing a powerful feature in the Android P to help users find some quiet time. The company is also adding features to encourage YouTube viewers to take more breaks.

You can now swipe right on the Home button/pill to switch, one by one, through each of the apps in your most-recently-used apps list (the thumbnails that appear in the top of the Overview screen). You need to click on this button.

Android Auto, the in-car option for using smartphone apps on your dashboard, began supporting wireless connectivity last month, allowing owners of any Google Pixel or Nexus device to connect their smartphones to their car without a cable.

But Duplex would inject that AI into a new kind of arena, with listeners who have not consented or don't realize they're talking to a machine.

To prevent it from sounding too stilted or robotic, the system was also taught a number of so-called "speech disfluencies": The "hmms", "uhs" and other noises people make in casual conversation. It responds to questions, negotiates timing and thanks the receptionist for her help. Or, keep sliding to the right to find the exact app. The Google Assistant feature uses lifelike audio to, for example, book a haircut. For instance, one can set their Facebook time for an hour a day.

Google Assistant: To launch Google Assistant with a gesture, press down on the pill button until the AI launches.

Android P is acknowledged as "Digital Wellness". In response, this new developer preview rolls back that change, so Wi-Fi will not automatically shut off if the wearable is not connected to something via Bluetooth. We have already come up with the Android P features and enhancements.

There have been some who compare Facebook, Google and other tech companies to big tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, dark chocolate, in moderation, may be good for you.

Android P is expected to get rid of the software navigation keys afterall. It is hard to understand why it took Google 10 years to figure this out.