How to use split screen mode on Android P beta

The app bundle will contain the app's compiled code and resources, but it will hold off the APK generation.

Battery has been something most smartphone makers have been struggling to improve.

Some of the new features won't be coming to Samsung phones, at least not right away. This will give you more overall battery life-always a plus. I think it could be improved pretty easily (like killing the back button and adding the left wipe I just mentioned, swiping down to access the app switcher to not make the app drawer so confusing, etc.).

Dashboard shows you how much and where you're spending time in apps. It will be ready for developers soon. That's about it, as usual Google's wearable OS doesn't get a lot of shiny new features. On the LG G7 that our rep used for the demo, this all happened quickly, with only minor noticeable delays as Lens analyzed the scene.

But more immediately, it might be able to make calls and book your appointments in a very-natural-sounding human voice, if a recent demo is to be believed. Android P will include a feature called "Adaptive Battery" that uses artificial intelligence to automatically manage your battery power. But when you're in an app, it appears, and you can press Back to navigate back to the previous screen. Here is a little guide to help you enter the split screen mode in the Android P.

Users can now share estimated time of arrival with their contacts without touching the device. This is good, but it isn't enough, since it can sometimes seem unnatural.

And, sure, maybe we'll end up less addicted to screens in the process.

One of the biggest pluses for users is that with Android P, Google will crackdown on companies and services that harvest data from users via apps.

Other than starting a wave, the attendees at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, don't seem that into it. Some people are waving when their images appear on giant screens around the stage. Look for more Google Assistant announcements in the months to come.

Speaking about smartphones that will receive the update, if you have one of these smartphones, you can check out the first Android P Beta build before other smartphones. These new features are expected to go hand in hand with the latest Android P.

Then there's the option of an 'App Timer', which will let users set a limit on how long they should use this particular app. Say for instance, you spend hours on Instagram and decide to set an app limit of one hour for daily usage.

As for now, Google has still kept the name of the next version of Android under wraps?